How do you create technology training that will actually work?

Tikit has been thinking about training a lot recently because work is underway to develop a course for an LTC41 approved certification in timekeeping. In this, the first of two blogs on the subject, Virginio Basile, Tikit’s Vice President, Professional Services, North America, reflects on the new LTC4 scheme and on what best-practice technology training looks like in Tikit’s experience.

At the moment I’m creating a program we can execute with firms that provides an LTC4 compliant training in timekeeping. It’s making me break down what Tikit has learned about technology training and what approaches work best.

Incidentally, LTC4, as you may know, is a firm-led not-for-profit organization formed to raise the level of competence of attorneys and law-firm staff who use legal technology.

Using technology effectively is actually a great challenge for firms at the moment. To address this, LTC4 is going to offer a range of certification schemes that will teach them to use legal technology to its full potential and thereby greatly improve firm efficiency.

Tikit is entirely on board with LTC4’s goals. We fully endorse the initiative and have become an LTC4 Vendor Member. We’re well aware of the gap that can sometimes exist between what technology can deliver, and what firms actually get out of it day to day, given the technological skill levels of attorneys. This gap appears when users don’t really know what they’re doing, so good training can close it.

It begs the question, what does good training look like? Since Tikit has been delivering training for many years, here’s something of what we’ve found out. Click here to read the full article.


By Virginio Basile, Vice President, Professional Services.

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