Client collaboration in a “sharing economy”

Juggling increasing client demands and actually getting the work done is a challenge familiar to most law firms.  Indeed the 2007 Legal Services Act meant that the legal sector lost its immunity to the change happening in the wider business world.  Allowing lawyers and non-lawyers to form business together opened up the legal market to a whole new kind of competition.  In flooded new entrants and disruptive business models; models focussed on rethinking and improving the legal market.  With this brought a new emphasis on knowledge sharing.  According to PwC “consumers are showing a robust appetite for the sharing-based economy” and the legal sector is no different.

Clients are becoming more aware of the collaboration advantage and leveraging IT to share knowledge.  Of course as consumers, clients are used to being able to do things when they want.  In a “sharing economy” and an ever-changing business landscape, consumers see no reason why their dealings with their law firm should be any different.

Tikit’s Webshare module enables law firms to provide a 24/7 shop window to their clients. Access via a secure web portal to case progress, along with copies of the documents sent and received, lets clients bring themselves up to date in their own time rather than having to try to contact their lawyer in between meetings or during their lunch break. In addition, Webshare facilitates the trend towards client self-service; enabling them to update case data, review and submit documents, and pay bills when convenient to them. As a result, your clients feel more involved and informed, whilst the lawyer’s effort in capturing routine information and dealing with progress enquiries is minimised; freeing up time to concentrate on what really matters; getting the job done and achieving a successful outcome for the client. | | @TikitP4W