Blog: Upskill in Lockdown – Week 1 of Isolation

Week 1 of Isolation

As you may be aware, by the fact that you’ve been at home for the past week, the UK and most of the world have been put on ‘lockdown’ to stop the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19, limiting your extracurricular activities to watching Netflix or doing that DIY you said you would do six months ago. Well, put that paint brush down, we’ve got a better idea – instead of becoming complacent and stagnant at a time like this, you can develop your technical skills and make working from home a breeze. You can Upskill in Lockdown! All you need is 30 minutes – I’m sure we all have a spare 30 minutes in a day now we’re no longer commuting.

Every week we’ll be bringing you a new free session on various software or skills that you can develop, whether it’s how to use Microsoft Teams, top tips for Microsoft Excel or soft skills like embracing change. These online sessions will equip you to work more efficiently from home and skills you can use in the office when this is all over!

So, for our first session we thought, what’s the key thing that will be affected for every organisation by this global pandemic? – communication. Everyone needs to communicate effectively whether it’s via email, phone or face-to-face, and given that we no longer have the face-to-face factor, we thought it would be good to hold our first session on How to Use Microsoft Teams to keep your team connected.

Now, you may have used Microsoft Teams once or twice before, so you know the basics of how to use the chat function or answer a call but there’s never really been a need to use it on a day-to-day basis or perhaps it’s just a tile on your desktop that you’ve never paid much attention to. Well, I can almost guarantee that Microsoft Teams will become your best friend and most used application on your desktop in the coming weeks. It has many functions including chat, meetings, audio and video calls with individuals or as a team, screen sharing, document sharing and more! We’ve got some helpful tips and tricks like blurring the background on a video call because no one wants to show their pile of ironing they need to do or kids running around in the background!

Here’s a full itinerary of what we will cover in this short session:

  • Creating or joining a team
  • Creating channels for your teams
  • Using the chat function
  • Sharing and collaborating on files within teams
  • How to set up a meeting
  • Video and audio calling
  • Blurring the background in meetings
  • Sharing your screen during a meeting

Click here to see a recording of the session

Watch out for my next blog post, coming soon!

If you have any questions about any of our sessions or would like more in-depth one-to-one training please email me at or my colleague Julie, .

See you next time on our journey to Upskill on Lockdown, stay safe and well!