Blog: Upskill in Lockdown – Week 2 of Isolation

Week 2 of Isolation

One week down – and what a year that week was! Are you climbing the walls yet? Well, don’t worry, we have another Upskill in Lockdown session that will kill another half an hour of isolation! Mind, the mental health awareness charity, have highlighted the importance of keeping your mind stimulated during isolation so learning and upskilling are great ways to stay well mentally at this time. Consider this your ‘one form of exercise a day’ for your mind!

Hopefully thanks to our training session last week you’ve got Microsoft Teams down to a tee, and can communicate with your team easily, with zero fuss. If you missed it, would like to watch it again or even share with your colleagues, here’s a link to the recording: How to Use Microsoft Teams to keep your team connected.

This week, we’re focusing on improving your Microsoft Outlook and Word skills with our Top 10 tips when working from home (Microsoft Outlook and Word). You might be thinking, “why would I need to know how to use Outlook and Word when I use these programmes day in, day out?” Well, we’ve designed these guides to help you adjust to working from home in the most efficient and effective way possible and essentially, make your life easier. For example, you might be used to working with two screens in the office but now you’re limited to just a laptop. Within this 30-minute session, you will be able to overcome little obstacles like this when using Microsoft Word and Outlook.

In this week’s session, Julie and myself will cover a broad range of tools on both programmes:


  • Message properties – security, voting buttons and more!
  • Insert screenshots into emails – useful for IT queries
  • Review – read aloud
  • Calendar – properties
  • Meetings – arranging meetings with different time zones


  • Convert a document to PDF
  • Clear metadata – inspect a document
  • Show and hide ribbon
  • Hide ribbon and use Quick Access toolbar – how to add extra buttons
  • Working with more than one document – view side by side and vertical scrolling

Click here to see a recording of the session

If you have any questions about any of our sessions or would like more in-depth one-to-one training please email me at or my colleague Julie,

See you next time on our journey to Upskill on Lockdown, stay safe and well!