Beast from the East? Snow problem for Tikit Support

Last week’s ‘Beast from the East’ certainly did do its best to hamper business.  And it was bad.  All of the following hashtags – #uksnow, #snowday, #snow etc – were trending on Twitter (at the same time), the newspapers ceased to report any non-snow related news, trains were cancelled, roads were closed and many of us couldn’t get into work.

So we decided to action plan B.  For our Support team we have an Emergency Contingency Plan in place.  It might sound a bit over the top but we know that in order to deliver a continuous, high quality support service, we need to have these procedures in place.  Even with the snow, we had the normal number of support calls coming through, so we knew that our service provision couldn’t slip.

The amber weather warning was issued on Tuesday so we reiterated the plan to all of our Support team then.  The plan contained contact and connection information for working remotely.  We also made sure that everyone in Support had the right kit, so come Thursday when the weather conditions became severe, we were able to action the plan swiftly.  In fact by 8am on Thursday morning everyone in the Support team had been contacted and were set up ready to start the day, working from home.  This ensured there was no downtime during the day if the office was closed early to allow staff to travel home.

Many of you have put agile working as top of your priority list for your firm in 2018.  This is the case at Tikit as well. And you know what, last week we did it. Our support service levels remained at an all-time high over the two days and our staff didn’t have to brave the cold or treacherous travelling conditions in order to do their job.