AIT Portrait magazine: Should accountancy firms now be investing in a modern, cloud-based Electronic Content Management System?

Do accountants need Electronic Content Management Systems (ECMS)? It’s a question that, sooner or later, every firm is going to have to address. Firms are faced with increasing challenges around the growing volumes of data that they have to store, much of it email, and the necessity to demonstrate convincingly to clients that their data is held securely. In addition, like the rest of the knowledge workforce, professionals increasingly want the freedom to work remotely and to be mobile. An ECMS promises not only to tick all of these boxes, but also introduces enhanced
functionality and security over older, file-based or on-premise systems. Do these benefits mean that ECMS are automatically a good idea and, if so, how in practice should firms choose a system?

The recent experience of Saffery Champness may help to provide some answers. Click here to read the fill article in AIT Portrait.