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Legal professionals get ahead in the cloud

Cloud computing offers many benefits for law firms, legal departments and professional services firms, especially those operating internationally. It provides a secure and centralised means of storing data for access by legal staff wherever they are

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Unlocking the benefits of practice and case management tools

An audit of law firms outside the UK Top100 has revealed that most are not making full use of the features of their existing practice and case management solutions that could help them improve efficiency and maintain competitiveness in a fast moving marketplace.

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Maximising the impact of time recording

The relationship has changed between law firms and their clients. Following the 2008 financial crisis, law firm clients are hiring legal operations officers whose main role is to manage the relationship with outside counsel and ensure “value for money”. Clients are rejecting hourly billing and new arrangements such as fixed fees are putting a lot of pressure on law firms. As law firms compete against each other more than ever on the pricing of legal services, it is vital to have an accurate picture of costs, efficiencies and quality. The time recording process is at the heart of capturing the data and using it for competitive advantage.

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A new era of mobility, collaboration & efficiencies within law firms

Individual fee earners are under pressure to collaborate with large corporate clients. The continuing globalisation of business means that clients are demanding seamless services, and legal firms have to collaborate with clients across a number of geographic boundaries. Many top 100 law firms have focused on specialisation, creating narrowly defined practice areas and rewarding professionals for developing their reputation in ever more precise niches. Recently, however, it has become apparent that to achieve competitive advantage, simply accumulating ‘star talent’ – lawyers with distinguished reputations and specialised expertise – is no longer enough. Now the focus is on maximising the productivity of star talent, sharing and integrating their specialised and diverse knowledge with the firm’s knowledge systems.

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Whitepaper: Boosting agility and efficiencies through technology and soft skills

Executive summary   A combination of internal pressures and external factors is driving wholesale change in the legal services market. By 2020, innovative practitioners will have harnessed advancements in technology to address emerging market opportunities, fundamentally redefining the legal function. Innovative law firms will drive a transformation of the services they offer and the way they deliver them. Whilst this evolution takes place […]

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