Webinar recording: Technology 101 for In House Counsel

This was the first webinar in a series that we have hosted with Lawyers On Demand and it was designed in response to their discussions with in-house counsel around their desire to know how to use technology to improve their business, processes and legal operations.

With the multitude of technology solutions and products available now to legal teams, the aim of the webinar was to give delegates bite-size bits of information in a simple and easy to access way, with the aim of helping them to navigate the ‘noise’ in the market when it comes to technology.

This introductory session will provide you with a quick and useful overview of the technologies that Lawyers On Demand find in use by legal teams.  You will get an overview of current and emerging technology that in-house lawyers utilise to get their jobs done and we keep it jargon-free to help you get to the heart of why things are being used.

To listen to the recording click here.

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