Introducing v6.5

Tikit are pleased to announce that version 6.5.0 of Tikit eMarketing has now been released. This major release introduces new functionality that focuses on the creation and ongoing management of events.

A newly created event now becomes a one-stop repository for all emails, forms, images, tokens and payments that pertain specifically to that event. This provides full visibility and control to users of all materials, processes and communications used during the event’s life-cycle. Any future Events that may be of a similar nature to a previously created event can be quickly and easily cloned in part or in its entirety, saving considerable time in the setup process.

We have also implemented a fresh new colour scheme, branding, iconography and navigational aids but retains the layout and structure that users will find familiar.



  • A new look and feel for the product with an updated colour theme, and clearer iconography and navigation throughout.
  • A dedicated Events section that contains all event related content such as email invites and reminders, forms and images in one place. It will also be possible to easily clone that material for reuse in a future event
  • Simple indicator icons will be visible in the email creation sidebar to identify to users which areas of the email creation process are required and still need attention before sending
  • Integration with Google Analytics enabling data to be surfaced in the eMarketing Reporting tool alongside all other reporting data.
  • Edit the content of the ICS Outlook calendar file that is created when an event is set up, for clearer event invites.
  • Paste content directly from Word, retaining all formatting, point size, font etc. as it was in Word.
  • Product feedback can be provided from a new integrated UserVoice feedback tool

If you wish to upgrade your current version to this newly released version please contact your Account Manager or a member of our Tikit Support Team, or using the Contact Us form below. A full set of Release Notes can be made available on request.


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