Document template management

Easily create Word templates for firm wide documents without the need for complex coding. Maintain brand and document consistency across jurisdictions and save your users time by allowing them to create and populate documents at the click of a button.

Maintaining document consistency across a firm is tough. It’s tough when your firm is multi-sited and tougher still when those sites span borders and continents.

Tikit Template Management System (Tikit TMS)

Most law firms will have tens, if not hundreds, of templates – for letters, precedents, bills and countless other document types.  As you grow, accurate retrieval of the right template can become problematic, and variations inevitably start to appear.  Errors cost time and credibility, harming the brand consistency that is expected of a law firm.

Reducing the need for complex an unwieldly coding

Tikit TMS reduces the code involved in each template and reduces the overall burden of managing these templates. This means when you need to change things in a template you can do it independent of developers, freeing up there time to get on with more pressing jobs.

Friendly user interface so anyone in any jurisdiction can customise templates

Through a friendly user interface, you can allow offices to customise local templates, accommodate other languages, control and personalise printer settings – and for all changes to synchronise effortlessly with your DMS.

Transform your documents in a matter of minutes

Tikit TMS allows you to transform documents into your house style in a matter of minutes.  Document styles are mapped automatically to your templates, making switchovers and upgrades a hassle-free process.

Why go with Tikit’s TMS?

We are Office experts and Microsoft Gold Partners and our solution is trusted by Linklaters, SJ Berwin, Simmons & Simmons, Goulston & Storrs and many more international law firms. Backed up by a team of Microsoft specialists who support end-users, IT staff and trainers alike with template projects and Microsoft Office migrations.

TMS benefits at a glance

  • Create, maintain and control all of your MS Office templates without code – giving you a faster deployment vs code based systems
  • Design, maintain and adapt all of your MS Office templates using a simple configuration tool – greater end-user adoption, lower support burden for IT and simple to re-brand if necessary
  • Full multi jurisdiction and multi-language support – suitable for firms with global reach
  • Content editor task pane – centralise document edits for 100% consistency throughout document lifecycle
  • Ribbon designer – control the MS Office ribbon that displays to end-users, alter it using simple drag and drop
  • Designed around MS Office 2010, 2013, Windows Workflow and compatible with Windows 2016 – utilises all current MS Office tools available
  • Increased automation – set up ‘fill in the blanks’ templates for basic documents, reducing risk of user error
  • Organised, structured template library – easy to manage, store, find and amend templates.

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