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Document management simplified for in-house teams

Legal teams are being increasingly pressured these days. As if looking after the legal work wasn’t enough, you’re increasingly tasked with risk, compliance, ethics and strategy as well.

The last thing you need to worry about is the integrity of documents and files (and where to find them!).

As the world’s leading cloud-based document management solution, NetDocuments lifts the complexity of electronic document management off your shoulders. In its place you get a secure, intuitive, feature-rich interface through which all your emails, documents and matter files can be instantly accessed.

  • Slick, integrated email filing makes storing and finding communications much easier
  •  Secure document sharing instead of emailing documents, can control how long they are available for access, what the recipient can do and whether they can download
  •  Reliable, powerful, full text searching for documents, emails and attachments


NetDocuments is the only global leading SaaS document management platform based on true webscale technology with security, reliability and usability built in by design. Tikit in partnership with NetDocuments provides market leading implementations that result in projects being delivered on time, in budget with the highest levels of user adoption. You’re in safe hands.

Join us for one of our series of webinars. Our Legal Tech Talks give you bite-sized bursts of information, in an easy to access way. We will keep it jargon-free and quickly get to the heart of why particular applications are being considered, reviewed and used.

Legal Tech Talk – A day in the life of a GC                                                                                                     

26 April, 2018 (4.30 – 5.00pm GMT)

During this webinar we will explore some of the growing number of technologies available to in-house legal teams. Navigating through the latest legal IT ‘noise’, we will provide a quick and useful overview of the products that in-house lawyers are using to get their jobs done.

In this session we will talk through some of the day to day challenges faced by General Counsel, to illustrate just how these key technologies are being used to lower costs and increase productivity today.


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Legal Tech Talk – Why cloud technology is a game changer for in-house teams                             

10 May, 2018 (4.30 – 5.00pm GMT)

During a recent panel session, our General Counsel customers spoke about the difficulty of balancing business demands whilst managing their teams with very few resources. For them, cloud technology is making a real difference. It’s now much more practical to use technologies from the cloud. Why? less cost, less effort and fast results.  There’s also a side benefit that, software as a service solutions are charged on a subscription basis, so users only pay for what they need.

Join us for this webinar and find out how in-house counsel teams are lightening their load using clever cloud technologies.

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Tech Burst webinars 

Alternatively you can join us for one (or all!) of these 15 minute sessions.

During each webinar we will demonstrate the NetDocuments platform. As the world’s leading cloud based document management solution, NetDocuments lifts the complexity of electronic document management off your shoulders.

Tikit Tech Burst 1 

Secure document sharing – the smart way to securely share documents

22 May, 2018 (4.30pm GMT)

If you can’t wait for the webinars then click here to find out about our solutions for in-house teams.