Billing transparency and compliance builds trust and your business

Accurate and transparent billing is key to building trust with clients. But, with increasing pressure to streamline billing processes and capture every single billable moment, firms must find ways to improve the workflow between lawyer and client.

Compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG)

As a web application an entire OCG policy (regardless of its location), can be referenced in Tikit Carpe Diem’s time entry form and relevant OCG information made available to guide the user.

The direct integration with Thompson Reuters e-BillingHub allows the user to validate each time entry against their client’s guidelines saving them time and ensuring the firms compliance.

  • ‘Awareness’ provides guidance on compliance rules to timekeepers at the moment of input via info pop-ups.
  • ‘Third Party validation’ is a mechanism that can attach any validation rule to the Tikit Carpe Diem ‘save’ or ‘submit’ process.

Complete capture of billable items

As well as an inclusive record of time worked, a client’s invoice must also include expenses and disbursements incurred during the execution of their matter.

Tikit Carpe Diem now allows firms to apply the same level of immediacy to cost capture that it has brought to time capture – all through the same easy-to-use interface and available anytime, anywhere and on any device

  • Using the same easy-to-use interface as for time recording means there is only one interface for users to learn to facilitate the compilation of all of the components of a client invoice
  • No duplication of effort. All billable elements are captured in one application
  • Immediate recording of expenses reduces write offs for late submission and increases the transparency of the invoicing process
  • Photos of expenses receipts can be uploaded while mobile, ensuring a complete expense entry as it is incurred.

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