Data management

Manage all your data from within your DMS system including Matter-Centric management within iManage Work. Search, collate and analyse all data held within your DMS with advanced enterprise tools.

With thousands of pieces of data flying around at any one time, effective data management is key to the success and smooth running of any law or professional services firm.

Our partner solutions make this task simple and effective.

DocAuto WorkSpace Manager

A single tool for automating creation and management of the entire Matter-Centric environment.

This application is the only single tool for automating creation and management of the entire Matter-Centric environment while exclusively utilizing the approved three-tier architecture of iManage Work for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability. This comprehensive solution empowers users to efficiently manage every aspect of the iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace lifecycle.

  • Easily creates WorkSpaces – Create WorkSpaces with any possible structure using data from any number of external systems to control design, metadata, security, and more
  • Modify WorkSpaces – Safely modify any aspect of WorkSpaces during production hours, including metadata, security, structures, links or shortcuts to documents, iManage Work validation metadata, and more
  • Flexible publishing – WorkSpace Manager provides a wide variety of publishing options including: publishing user’s personal WorkSpaces to their My Matters container, publishing groups of WorkSpaces to specified teams, and informational publishing, such as “New WorkSpaces created this week” or “Clients 90 days behind in payments”
  • Dynamic security – Dynamically define any combination of User and Group security ACLs on any structure using data from any number of external data sources, and/or pre-defined security data within the templates
  • Consolidate multiple documents into folders – Automatically find documents based on any kind of search criteria, including “orphaned” documents, and file them into the appropriate WorkSpaces and folders
  • Move or Copy Documents – WorkSpace Manager’s Provisioning capabilities can be used to make copies of documents, pre-populate new WorkSpaces with forms, or move documents between iManage Work databases.

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RAVN Connect – Advanced Enterprise Search

RAVN Connect Enterprise is an innovative approach to capturing, finding, managing and collaborating on your organisation’s hard won knowledge and expertise, leveraging the capability to navigate links between knowledge types across the enterprise. It can learn from behaviour and establish explicit and implicit links between data objects and people.

  • Efficient Way of Finding Information – across your organisation helping you to find, manage and re-deploy your corpus of knowledge
  • Increase Productivity – Gives your staff real-time understanding by cutting down the time to find relevant information or expertise inside and outside the organisation
  • Increase Expertise – Ensure staff are at the pinnacle of their expertise and compliant with any regulatory standards through the push of content to the individual which helps to mitigate risk
  • Encourage Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing – Collaboration features builds relationships and releases hidden knowledge and expertise within your organisation.

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