Our extensive list of partnerships coupled with our 20 years’ experience, means that we are expert in delivering end-to-end solutions to help you be better connected, more efficient or improve your bottom line. So whether you are looking for a solution to manage your full document lifecycle or to help you keep in touch and build your pipeline, we’ve got it covered.

We can also provide consultancy to make sure that you get the best solution to meet your requirements and support to ensure that the implementation, integration and user training goes smoothly.


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Cloud document management

Tikit and Net Documents Work securely, anytime, anywhere … As a business we have a deep understanding of the full legal document lifecycle and DMS solutions that goes back more than 20 years.  This partnership is the first of its kind for NetDocuments.  We will leverage our deep understanding of the legal technology…

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End to end document lifecycle management

With hundreds of thousands, even millions of documents and emails being created, received and shared annually by a law firm, making sure there’s a document lifecycle strategy in place is imperative.                                                                                                         

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Cloud based document management for GC's

Take a breath. NetDocumemnts gives you back control of document lifecycle management. General Counsel is being increasingly pressured these days. As if looking after the legal work wasnt't enough, you're increasingly tasked with risk, compliance, ethics and strategy as well. The last thing you need to worry about is the…

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Push and pull marketing

You can deliver effortless email marketing and streamline your content delivery too, now that we have teamed up with HighQ. We have not just added a product to our portfolio of solutions, we are working together to converge Tikit eMarketing and HighQ Publisher to achieve seamless integration between the two products.

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Document sharing

Create, compare and share documents quickly and safely firm wide regardless of jurisdiction. Securely share large and sensitive files and documents with internal and external users. Document sharing and collaboration is a critical element to effective working. It sounds like a very simple thing to achieve, but all too often…

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Information security

Keep your firm’s information safe and remove the risk of cyber-attacks on all digital communications while maintaining continuity and advanced archiving features. In this current climate, we’re all aware of the importance of watertight information security. Any business operating in this day and age needs to put a huge amount…

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Data management

Manage all your data from within your DMS system including Matter-Centric management within iManage Work. Search, collate and analyse all data held within your DMS with advanced enterprise tools. With thousands of pieces of data flying around at any one time, effective data management is key to the success and…

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