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Tikit Carpe Diem Mobile

Use Carpe Diem Mobile to capture time and expenses away from the office.

Capturing and closing time entries from a smartphone, tablet or even an iWatch means that fee earners can instantly record billable time as it happens, when travelling or working away from the office.

It’s easier and faster than email – and as simple as ‘Work-Click-Bill’. Using Carpe Diem Mobile away from the office is simple, reliable, and gives your attorneys multiple capture methods. It’s an opportunity to capture time and expenses often overlooked in the past, while travelling or working on the move. Let our software increase your revenue, achieve more accurate invoicing and thereby form better client relationships.

Capture time on the move

  • Multiple capture opportunities
  • Automatically capture client calls and emails as they happen
  • Tag contact information (e.g. a completed phone call) to a matter, and bill the time retrospectively.  The intelligent application then learns to give a prompt the next time – a pre-populated time entry that can be closed with one click.

Don’t miss a minute

  • Personalised reminder triggers that set prompts for time capture after closure of a phone call or after an email is sent.
  • “Close” (push to billing) time directly from the device
  • Run multiple Smart Timers simultaneously
  • No data connection required to write entries – work on a plane or train
  • Search the server for matters not cached on the device
  • Voice recording and Siri integration for full flexibility
  • Review entries using the calendar – see what time entries are complete, incomplete and exported, whether originated from mobile or desktop version.

Work anywhere

  • Integrates with your desktop timekeeping application
  • Choose to create a basic entry or a complete billable entry
  • Close time on the move and send entry direct to Billing
  • Associate client contact details to matter nicknames and projects for rapid input
  • Supports iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices

Why choose Carpe Diem?

  • Keep your fee earners happy with no nonsense, easy time entry
  • Improve cash flow with integrated billing
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Increase transparency and improve client relationships
  • Guarantee compliance
  • Scalable and implemented your way
  • Achieve strategic business objectives
  • Be supported by an ISO 9001 accredited Helpdesk

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Case study Find out more about Carpe Diem Mobile

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Find out more about Carpe Diem Mobile

Case study Blank Rome, one of America’s largest law firms.

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Blank Rome, one of America’s largest law firms.