Tikit Carpe Diem

Tikit Tikit Carpe Diem

The award winning Carpe Diem is one of the world’s most widely used time recording applications, used by over 100,000 fee earners across the globe. Its easy-to-use interface makes capturing time simple.

Carpe Diem’s intuitive and easy-to-use web-based timekeeping solution.

Carpe Diem is a web based timekeeping system which is intuitive, easy-to-use and incorporates all the elements of timekeeping into a single solution. With exceptional functionality and ease of use, timekeeping is made easy, billing becomes timely, cash flow is improved and time is never lost as a result of clever ‘best match’ technology.

Record time anywhere anytime – truly mobile time recording

The adaptability of Carpe Diem means that your fee earners can capture and manage billable time across every platform consistently, whether they’re on a train, plane, in the office, online or offline.

Time capture made easy

Carpe Diem supplies a chronological view of each working day, to help fee earners put all their billable time in place.

TimeFinder technology

What makes Carpe Diem unique is its ‘Timefinder’ technology. Unlike all other timekeeping solutions on the market, users are not confronted with hundreds of possible missed-time entries, simply the ones that should be recorded. ‘Timefinder’ also allows fee earners to auto-populate timesheets based on their digital footprint, or to find missing time by responding to intelligent prompts.

Predictive assistance & Glossary

Predictive assistance auto-completes forms with predictive searches, and provides in-line spell checks, so the process of entering information is quick, easy and smooth. The powerful best match technology embeds activity data directly within the timekeeping workflow, automatically populating timesheets so lawyers don’t start with a blank page which they must laboriously fill in.

The glossary feature allows you to attach shorthand terms to words or phrases you use often, so instead of having to type everything over again, simply type your shorthand and the field will be populated.

State-of-the-art reporting

A powerful management console allows firms to effectively monitor and measure timekeeping performance and identify how much billable time is still available. Fully customisable metrics and dashboards supply actionable management information at the press of a button.

Fully Compliant

Integrated e-billing and ethical wall validation improve compliance, reduce risk and improve cash flow. Finance teams can track and reduce the lag between activity, time-capture, billing and cash. This functionality also means Firms can quickly generate real-time billing reports that give clients more confidence in the firm and enrich the client relationships.

 Delivered in the way best suited to you:

  • Cloud
  • On Premise
  • Mobile application


Case study Tikit Carpe Diem Datasheet

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