Tikit North America Releases Carpe Diem Classic 2014

Latest release features new technology foundation, lays the groundwork for 2015 Next Generation release

Chicago, IL – October 1, 2014 – Tikit North America today announced the availability of Carpe Diem Classic 2014. This completely re-developed version of the existing Carpe Diem Classic solution, forms part of Tikit’s signature timekeeping software suite which includes various traditional web and mobile time collection methods. Used by more than 100,000 timekeepers worldwide spanning the last 20 years, the Carpe Diem suite has and continues to be at the forefront of timekeeping in the legal and professional services industries.

The release of Carpe Diem Classic 2014 is an important milestone for Tikit as it delivers the trusted, well liked and efficient timekeeping user experience that lawyers are accustomed to, but with an entirely new technology foundation rewritten from the ground up. These developments remove the technology risk of legacy platforms (specifically the dependency on the Borland Database Engine) while preserving the user interaction, delivering zero change management to Carpe Diem users.

The Carpe Diem Classic 2014 upgrade comes a year after Tikit announced a $2 million investment by parent company BT into the Carpe Diem timekeeping suite.

The new technology platform delivers several notable features and functions including:

  • 100% database compatibility with earlier versions
  • New improved reporting based on Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Integrated security
  • Multi-lingual and Unicode support
  • Enhanced ethical wall support
  • Overall modern desktop compatibility including 100% Citrix support
  • Published Data Service API

According to Peter Zver, President, Tikit North America, the launch of Carpe Diem Classic 2014 is all about the development of a whole new platform that not only addresses the affinity for the current attorney experience with Carpe Diem Classic but also advances timekeeping for the legal industry.

Zver went on to say “Carpe Diem Classic 2014 signals the first in a major evolution of the Carpe Diem suite of products, which will culminate in the launch of our ‘next generation’ solution in 2015. This ‘next generation’ version of Carpe Diem is set to be a game changer and will advance timekeeping for the legal industry as a whole. It’s unique, innovative, and takes into consideration the latest UI trends and device platforms, including integrated passive timekeeping. Taking the best of the past and adding this to the future with a modern holistic next generation interface across all platforms will ultimately provide law firms and their attorneys with choices on how to capture time.”

“Based on several sneak peak demos of Carpe Diem Classic 2014 and its ‘next generation’ technology architecture for law firms and legal influencers attending the 2014 ILTA Educational Conference, the decision to make the financial and strategic investment in next generation timekeeping has been validated,” concluded Zver.

For more details about Carpe Diem Classic 2014, visit the Carpe Diem Classic 2014 resource center, www.carpediemclassic.com or visit the Tikit website www.tikit.us/revenue for information on our full time recording suite.


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