Marketing in the legal sector – It’s all about the branding

Economic challenges have, in recent years, become a reality.  Gone are the days when firms could assume repeat business as a given. Competition is now fierce.  Clients you have done business with in the past are now key to your success in the future.

Why is email marketing your most important tool?

Email is the original social media and a personalised one at that.  The average person checks their smart phone 221 times a day for everything from email updates to social media.  And according to TopRankBlog, 64% of decision makers read their emails on a mobile device.

Smart phones have revolutionised how businesses communicate with their customers and law firms are no different.

In a saturated marketplace many firms are competing against one another to win clients.  Email marketing provides you with not just an advertising platform, but a branding opportunity.  What do I mean by this?  Branding is not just a logo, in fact it is your firm’s personality.  Email marketing is the perfect opportunity to get to know your client base and communicate your unique message in a personalised way.  Not only that, email marketing is not like traditional marketing such as newspaper advertising, it gives you immediate, actionable insights to work from and better your communications.  After all, your firm is selling its expertise, knowledge and ideas, all of which have to be communicated appropriately.

Email marketing gives you a voice and a personality.  Use it to your advantage and you will grow your reputation – you won’t have to manage one.

Tikit eMarketing can help

Tikit Connect CRM and eMarketing uses the P4W database to provide a contact-rich marketing environment from the off.  All those client contacts, built up over many years of transactions, are immediately available to the CRM system helping to better manage the relationships using “who knows who” analysis and the tracking of all business development activities. Tailoring the content of your marketing to suit client preferences lifts your firm above the competition and makes the client feel that you genuinely know them. Via the reporting console, you can see at a glance how successful a mailer has been by seeing who has opened the email and what they have clicked on. Make relationships work for you with Tikit Connect CRM and eMarketing solution.