Assignment of Tikit Contract and Changes to Tikit’s Billing Process

You may be aware that Tikit was acquired last year by BT Group. Tikit would like to notify you that from 1st September 2014 your contract with Tikit for software and services will be assigned to BT Americas Inc., an affiliate of Tikit and a fully owned subsidiary of BT Group. BT Americas will assume all obligations under your contract with Tikit.

BT Americas has operated in US & Canada for more than 20 years and serves 74% of the Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, and P&G.

What does this mean for you?

Operationally and commercially there will be no change. The Tikit account management team and the customer service team will continue to serve you. As before, Tikit will remain fully committed to broadening and deepening our relationships with customers in North America, and to improving our processes and systems for delivering excellent customer service. Furthermore, your contracted prices and terms for Tikit software products and services will remain unchanged.

The billing process under your contract with Tikit will be administered by BT Americas. Applicable sales taxes will be applied to the invoice (in compliance with US federal, state and local tax legislation), and this will negate your requirement to self-assess those liabilities.

The acquisition has led to greater investment in our software development, as evidenced by the new releases planned this year for our market leading applications such as Tikit Carpe Diem and Tikit eMarketing, and the launch of Tikit Template Management System in North America. Tikit anticipates that these products and our commitment to excellent customer service will mean that we will continue to be your trusted software partner.

We appreciate your understanding and would like to assure you that the Tikit support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.