ITLA webinar recording: How to increase law firm revenue and profitability by improving time capture data

Firms are realizing that to improve profitability and realization they need to assess the initial phases of the production chain and focus on the intrinsic value of “time” data, as “time” data can speak to both revenue and costs, providing it is accurate and timely.

As such firms need to understand and accept the real value of data analytics and question their reliance on historic financial data as accurate. Once the data source (i.e. “time” data) has been defined as strategic in decision making, the firm should then embark on a program that will move them towards a culture and practice of acquiring higher quality data on which to base high quality decisions.

In this webinar Virginio Basile talks about what a smart data strategy looks like in practice and will demonstrates our award winning Carpe Diem Next Generation and Carpe Diem Mobile time recording software.

You will see how your firm could make major strides in the quest for contemporaneous time capture with improved velocity.

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