ILTA webinar recording: What Does Being Office 365 Compatible Mean to Your Firm?

Microsoft has huge plans for Office 365, which will likely become more and more popular in the legal industry. Many firms will still use Office 365 in the traditional way, fully deployed into their desktop environment, and can therefore expect all of their Office-integrated components to continue to work. Firms that want to fully embrace the mobile aspects of Office 365, however, will have to consider how their current integrated applications will need to change so as much of their current desktop capability as possible will be available in the mobile Office 365 environment. Not all current MS Office plugins will work on tablets and mobile devices.

Click here to listen to Mark Garnish, Development Director at Tikit, exploring what being truly 100 per cent Office 365 compatible actually means and the impact. You will also hear some practical advice on getting your firm ready for the next big change in the way lawyers work.