ILTA webinar recording: Digital Innovation Made Easy: Buy, build, or bricolage

Some firms will choose to purchase wholesale software solutions, likely buying up entire legal tech companies in order to maintain a unique competitive advantage, saving the best and most valuable software for themselves and licensing lesser solutions to their competitors.

Some will hire teams of agile developers and set them loose solving legal problems through custom brand new software development. But our money is on those firms that engage in  a ‘bricolage’ approach to legal software creation.

Bricolage means creating something new using the tools and the resources that you have readily available.

In a legal technology context that means, purchasing a variety of best of breed tools and platforms for your legal engineers to build with and upon.

In this webinar presented by Tikit and High Q, delegates learnt how to rapidly build, process re-engineer and streamline the full and mundane in to a next generation digital journey with an innovative toolkit.

If you would like to listen to the webinar click here.