ILTA webinar recording: Deliver technology training that actually works!

Everyone agrees that cost efficient delivery of legal services requires effective use of the best technology available but, with LTC4 and LTA now in existence for several years, have competency certification and the underlying processes advanced beyond sound theory to actual reality? Are firms and vendors going beyond concept and actually implementing programs proven to benefit the client’s bottom line?

Virginio Basile, Vice President, Professional Services, presented this topic on a webinar for ILTA members. He discussed:

  • Using data and/or a timekeeping audit to establish a baseline for training objectives
  • The role of LTC4 and attorney tech competence
  • Selling the idea, getting buy-in and championing participation
  • Successful delivery training models and user training philosophies

In this webinar he also addresses keeping the ‘ecosystem’ itself healthy, including the importance of client-firm-vendor partnerships, dialog and transparency, and who is responsible for what.

If you missed it you can listen to the recording here.