ILTA webinar recording: Up in the Air – Pushing up to the Clouds

Click here to listen to the recording of an ILTA educational webinar where Andrea Foot (General Manager, Tikit Australia) and Paul Wyatt (APAC Sales Director at NetDocuments) discuss cloud trends:

Gartner says by 2020 “cloud shift” will affect over $1 trillion in IT spending. The most popular social media tag at ILTA’s 2016 legal technology conference was #cloud2020. ILTA’s 2016 Technology Survey adds further perspective to the rising acceptance of cloud technologies in this traditionally intensely conservative and risk-averse market. Interestingly, the drivers are not about the cloud as a platform in itself. This is about available time, resources and the overwhelming demands on firms to keep the security wolf from the door.

In this webinar designed for an Australian audience, they considered this trend and its drivers, and shared some examples of solutions that legal and professional service firms are sourcing from the cloud. They also discussed key points to consider when thinking about applications delivered from the cloud, including the comparative security of cloud vs. on-premises.