Add power to your Practice Management System

For the last decade or so, point solutions have been mid-tier law firms’ best friend. These solutions have addressed challenges in certain areas but have never come together to form a full solution.  And let’s face it, there is no ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to practice management systems.

Different types of work require different types of solutions.  Plus, with the invention of Cloud and SaaS, to name but a few new trends, mid-tier firms now have access to the same best-of-breed solutions as the big legal players.

What does this mean?  Well it’s simple really.  You can now layer on top of your practice and case management system other integrated technologies, delivered in the way you want, to achieve business continuity and ultimately power up you PMS!

Tikit work with firms to help to power up their:


We recently hosted a webinar to see how cloud technology can power up your existing PMS, by allowing your firm to extend your technology, without needing the large law IT budget.

Peer Monitor research on ‘Dynamic firms’ Vs ‘Static firms’ – shows that firms who proactively use tech to engage and collaborate with clients and colleagues and that offer new billing models and fee arrangements have higher realisation rates.

The agility and nimbleness of mid-tier firms along with cloud first technologies provides for a golden opportunity to compete and beat big law by delivering price competitiveness via greater efficiency, productivity and security.

During this webinar we talked about how firms can be disruptive and more competitive using modern cloud first technology.

Mid-sized firms – ready to exploit tech for competitive advantage

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Technology is power and making it better is big deal