Specialist Support Analyst

Rotation weekly covering either:




*Subject to active support contracts

The Support Team has adopted ISO 9001:2015 you will therefore need to ensure that response and fix times as set in the standard are met. Calls are expected to be done to a good standard with client satisfaction very important. Calls are followed up with a survey with the team expected to achieve a targeted satisfaction rate. You should ensure you adhere with the ISO procedures the company has adopted and ensure these are followed.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Ensure the support line is picked up quickly and answered as described in our best practice document, never leave the support line ringing if not on the phone at the time.
  • The Clients are expected to get regular updates on their active call logs and any required updates to be responded to within the ISO standards and targets.
  • This role requires in-office presence to benefit your working with colleagues, ensuring quick and meaningful communication and not creating barriers in availability.
  • Our own IP Software use Microsoft SQL databases; as such you are expected within the role to develop a high level skillset and use Microsoft SQL syntax and Microsoft SQL Server and Management studio tools.
  • Taking ownership of complex issues relating to existing or beta products, investigating and providing resolution to the customer.
  • Identifying performance issues as part of support and providing detailed analysis of the problem and if applicable a suggested solution, primarily through SQL but not excluding HTML,VBA, ASPX and software available software configuration.
  • Working with the Specialist, Applications and Accounts team on their calls where the investigation and/or solution falls outside of their expected roles.
  • Follow requests and complete calls/tasks set out by your line or department manager. To provide them with timely and concise updates on the issue. These should be self-prioritised unless directed.
  • When appropriate to produce a report – suitable for the audience – post investigation of a high impact issue. Along with ownership of any appropriate follow up items.
  • Where we have developed integration applications, databases and SQL jobs – where we actively provide support. You will be expected to be able to interrogate the process stack, to understand each part.
  • Liaising with the client is primarily by phone and email when phone contact is not possible. You are expected to ensure the support logs on the system are kept updated so they reflect an accurate representation of the communication you have had with any recipients.
  • You are expected to continually develop your understanding of our products and use your own initiative to do this. Training requirements should be discussed with your line manager.
  • In the event of issues being identified as a software fault you are expected to raise the necessary documentation and support QA where appropriate.
  • From time to time it is likely members of the team will be required to do remote support and be on call for clients out of hours and at the weekend. This is compensated at an appropriate overtime charge.
  • In absence of the Specialist Support Manager, you will overlook the specialist queue and be the point of contact for all Database and complex P4W technical escalations.
  • When running any changes to live data you will ensure a suitable backup of the data taken.
  • Where consultancy or chargeable work is identified you will liaise with Sales / Consultancy.
  • Ensure your line manager is made aware of any potential serious issues and kept updated on any issues that have been escalated.
  • Remain courteous to the client, third parties and partnered companies and any area of concern is highlighted to your line manager.
  • It is expected that you will handle a wide variety of calls across multiple Tikit and Partnered products and to take calls relevant to your role off the support queue regardless of complexity.
  • All communication whether to client or colleagues should be professional with a high standard of written and spoken English. (Absolutely no slang or shortening of words is acceptable in any communication).
  • You are expected to be at your desk, ready and fit for work for your rotated start time.

The skills and experience you need:


  • Experience of working within an IT company/department and delivering software support.
  • A logical approach to problem solving and the ability to solve complex problems without precedence.
  • An excellent working knowledge of the P4W suite and it’s integrations.
  • An excellent working knowledge of;
    • Microsoft SQL Server and SQL scripting
    • Microsoft Query statistics
    • Microsoft SQL Profiler
  • Experience with working with Procmon, ProcExp, Microsoft Telemetry and a suitable network analysis tool.
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft IIS and webservers / webservices.
  • Good working knowledge of Document Management, Case Management and Client Matter Managements systems.
  • The ability to communicate technical information to non-IT clients and colleagues.


  • Experience of managing or leading support team.
  • Experience of delivering chargeable work and/or implementation of software.
  • An excellent working knowledge of;
    • Netdocuments
    • Tikit TMS
    • Tikit eMarketing
    • Orbis TaskCentre
    • Crystal Reports
    • Imanage 9 or 10
    • VBA / ASPX / HTML
  • A detailed understanding of Tikit’s P4W database structure.

Working Relationships

  • Experience of client relationships, confidence and presence to deal with clients at all levels as appropriately.
  • The candidate will be expected to balance the duties of their role and requests from management.
  • Will be expected to adopt priorities and engage in activities which promote the effective working of the whole team.
  • Set a positive and professional example to all colleagues, Tikit partners and customers. To develop a positive and trusted relationship with all departments across Tikit.

Personal Attributes

  • Ability to work on own initiative and seek assistance appropriately when required.
  • Good telephone manner with excellent, clear communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in handling emotionally testing communications, to gather and produce a balanced view under high pressure situations without damaging customer relations.
  • A strong desire to improve our customer satisfaction scores.
  • Ability to nurture a positive image of the company and to adhere and positively contribute to the companies rules, regulations, processes, ethos and culture.

Good at understanding business impact and working practices when dealing with customers.

To apply please forward your current CV and covering letter outlining your suitability for the role to helen.mcconnon@tikit.com

(Please no agencies)