Corporate social responsibility

At Tikit, we care about looking after the environment we live and work in, so we have taken steps to ensure we are doing our bit.

Last year, we attended over 60 events worldwide! You can imagine how many flyers, brochures, pens, and other plastic goodies businesses bring to these events to entice delegates to their stands. Well, here at Tikit, we have stopped handing out giveaways at events. Instead, we are taking part in the #GagTheSwag movement, and we donate the money that we would have spent on giveaways at events, to the delegates’ chosen charities. We have also pledged that if it is absolutely necessary for us to provide printed brochures or leaflets, that we will only use recycled paper and we will plant a tree for every thousand pages that we print.


#GagTheSwag is a movement that has started within the Legal Tech industry, aimed at reducing the number of giveaways distributed at conferences. Typically, the giveaways are cheap, mass-produced and plastic, sourced from low-cost countries.

Conscious of the environmental effects of producing so many plastic giveaways that delegates don’t necessarily need or want, Tikit have decided to donate the money that would have been spent on giveaways to charity. At each conference, we welcome delegates to vote for a charity to donate the money to and after the event the money is donated proportionately to the votes cast.

We have two fixed charities, Plastic Oceans and Friends of the Earth, and seek one local charity to support at each event.

Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #GagTheSwag and join the Gag The Swag Group on LinkedIn here.

To date, we have donated over £6,000 to our chosen charities.

Removal of printed marketing material

Traditionally, companies attend conferences with large amount of printed materials, whether it’s brochures, leaflets or business cards.

In 2019, Tikit took the decision to drastically reduce and limit the amount of printed marketing materials we produce. Now, rather than giving out brochures, we use our own technology, Tikit Connect and Tikit eMarketing, to provide visitors with the relevant e-brochures by just scanning a QR code at our stand. The information is received by the visitor straight to their email and saves them carrying lots of bulky papers around the conference.

If it is absolutely necessary for us to print some marketing material, we print these on 100% recycled paper and we ensure we plant a tree for every 1,000 pages we produce, through The National Forest.

App-based business cards

In an industry that is heavily based on networking, business cards are another area where significant wastage occurs – that and taking up drawer space in the office! Tikit have, therefore, switched to an app based solution. LinkCards allows the exchange of business cards via email, text message or through a scanned QR code.

Tikit support DELTAS

An ethical group dedicated to promoting diversity & ethics in legal technology and security. The primary objective of DELTAS is to eliminate barriers within education and training, whilst increasing employment opportunities for people from all backgrounds and lifestyles. Headed by a panel of influential professionals from the world of legal technology, DELTAS is dedicated to overcoming employment barriers within legal technology and cyber security. Their aim is to strengthen education, awareness and employment whilst eliminating bias associated with:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Faith
  • Sexual orientation

With the support of the profession, DELTAS is also dedicated to encouraging and nurturing our younger generation of legal technology professionals.